The Back Forty of Fredericksburg European Spa Center

One Hour Massage: $95

Swedish Massage:

effleurage, petrissage and friction combined to relax you, remove adhesions in tissues, stimulate blood flow and relieve stress . Some leg stretches to lengthen. Great for beginners.

Sports Massage:

consists mainly of muscle and bone compression, range of motion and passive-assisted stretching.

Deep Tissue:

is for deeper work on problem areas for those regularly receiving bodywork.
one hour – $105
one & 1/2 hour – $155

Medical Massage: $25

15 additional minutes focusing on a specific problem area.
To be added to a one hour or hour and a half massage.

Back/Neck Massage: $70

45 minutes on back and neck tension areas enabling release of major muscle constriction and/or headaches.

Essential Oil Treatment Massage 1 1/4 Hours: $125

Nature’s little miracles, pure essential oils are used to stimulate energy flow throughout body, enhance emotional/psychological well-being and transform stress into awareness. Hot towels applied to back.

One & 1/2 Hour Massage: $145

For a fuller, richer massage experience. Especially recommended for those who want to really let go of the stress. Medical focus on problem areas.

One & 1/2 Hour Massage/Facial combo: $165

One & 1/2 Hour Massage/Reflexology combo: $165

Reflexology: $75

Therapeutic pressure massage of the feet worked through the nerve meridians of the body bringing healing and balance to corresponding inner organs and systems. Eases pain, calms, returns circulation to a free-flowing norm and harmonizes the body. With hot towels. Essential oils used.

Acupressure Facial/Reflexology Combo (1 hour): $105

A combination of Chinese acupressure, Japanese Shiatsu and Western Neuro-muscular therapy applied to the face for a facial “uplift”, then cleansed, toned, refreshed and moisturized. Followed by a lavish neck, hand and foot massage. (Please come with makeup removed).

Salt Glow: $75

Use of sea salts to exfoliate and polish skin leaving it silky soft. In conjunction with a one hour massage, $125